Serene Debut

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Original Art

16″ x 20″ mixed media oil painting on heavy 140# paper

Choose Ready to hang with frame or No Frame

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Abstract art isn’t just about what meets the eye; it’s about what speaks to the heart. It’s a journey of self-discovery, a canvas where emotions run free.
During Abstract Art Week at @milanartinstitute, I learned that simplicity can hold profound meaning. Each stroke, each layer, each hue, whispers a story of its own.
My debut piece, a tranquil landscape emerging from earthy tones and tranquil blues, captures the essence of this revelation. It’s a reminder to find beauty in our lives and in the simplest of things.
Experience the serenity of this abstract artwork and rediscover simple beauty in every brushstroke and let is bring serenity into your living space.
This piece is an original artwork, not a print.
16″ x 20″ original artwork, mixed media and oil, 140# heavy paper,  choose framed and ready to hang or no frame

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Framed and Hanging wire, No Frame


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