Butterfly Dreaming


Butterfly Dreaming

This original 16 x 20 inch oil over mixed media painting captures a leopard’s dreamy gaze at butterflies.

A unique piece that combines grace and resilience, perfect for adding tranquil beauty to your home.

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Have you ever dreamt of butterflies? The dream symbol of butterflies represents transformation, hope, and renewal. Butterflies inspire us to overcome challenges and embrace change.

In my latest painting, Butterfly Dreaming, a majestic leopard gazes dreamily at a group of butterflies, embodying both grace and resilience in the face of adversity. This colorful depiction captures the balance of strength and delicate beauty found in nature.

This original artwork is a 16 x 20 inch oil over mixed media painting on canvas. Comes ready to hang with a wire on back. Check out the enlarged photo to see the multi media texture on the leopard!

Bring tranquility and inspiration into your home with this unique and serene one-of-a-kind artwork!


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